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Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the hispanic strategy that the romney strategy has been let's talk about the economy. the cuban americans and puerto ricans and in hopes we can peel off just enough of them because maybe that will be the trick. the problem is in florida of the hispanic electorate has changed quite significantly. the fastest-growing group are dimond puerto rican latin american immigrants for whom immigration is a defining issue in a litmus test issue. roughly a third now. so i suspect he's going to have a hard time winning florida in part because of the changing demographics of the latino electorate in that state. >> what you think about all of this? to years ago they brought on the brand new party and the new type of republican party that maybe wouldn't make what of what appear to be some of these mistakes the romney campaign is making. what do you make of all of this? do you think that is correct? >> christa will stipulate what has been said with immigration for example there is a fascinating moment during a republican presidential campaign that happened last year during which you have mitt romney, new g
Oct 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
because people are interested to see what is mitt romney going to talk about? because he has gone this far, and basically it feels to me like his campaign has been "i am not barack obama" period. we want to hear specifics but i am just concerned that his approach and i want to see what it is going to be. i voted for the president in the last election as an independent and i am truly independent because there are a lot of other republican platforms, the party platform i agree with the democratic party platform. i don't agree with but when it comes to leadership, this has been really embarrassing to watch mitt romney. it's just sad. this is going to be his chance to either he is going to pull it off or he is not. i'm not going to vote for him no matter what just because the principle and because i'm not going to vote for a more -- mormon. his leadership in the church for ten years, and it is one thing to sit in the pew and it's another thing to leave from the pulpit. and i feel like that influence is a lot of his decisions. >> host: so nothing he can say tomorrow night would change your opin
Sep 26, 2012 9:00am EDT
gingrich was talking about. spent another question. recently one of mitt romney's operatives made a statement to reporters when they're pushing him on the claim about, well, it's our most effective at and we're not going to have our campaign dictated by fact checkers. i think a lot of probably naÏve news editors were rather shocked at the cynicism that they heard coming out of this polltakers mouth. so my question, you've been around the longest, were you shocked? did this surprise you? >> i really can't say that it was because, you know, they had kind of behavior that way all along. they are certainly not terribly worried. they're not worried enough to change the rhetoric when something is pointed out to them. and in speed do you mean the romney campaign's we? campaign's? >> now. >> [inaudible] >> this is -- my take on this, i'm in the context of that question and answer was actually they were saying that this is the most effective ad, and john of abc said that got four pinocchios, so the response as well, we are not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers. and wh
Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. >> what would you like to hear president obama say, either before or after the election? talk about romney, what about obama? too if your view as mine is that we're not going to have a deal that doesn't have both revenues and spending and the biggest obstacle is on the revenue side and that, as i do believe and i have asked a lot of democratic senators if my perception is correct and they say yes, and that is, that republicans continue to believe that at the end of the day in the 11th hour democrats will relent again as they did in 2011 and at the end of 2010. frankly one of the things the president has to do is to make it crystal clear that he is damn serious and he is not going to accept a deal that doesn't have both revenues and spending. let's just lay that out there. and i think that when that becomes accepted, that is my fear of why we go into january. i think we may have to go into january because the republicans won't believe him until we get to january. the sooner that is believed that to me lays the pretty coot for both sides moving to get a bipartisan deal. >> i want to follow u
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
should be addressing immediately instead of talking about make sure that paul ryan or mitt romney is 25 percent tax cut for millionaires goes through. you should be making sure there's enough money taking care of the veterans. you haven't in twelve years except for paying unfunded war,s and you haven't for the last three or four years. you won't. you kick did down the line and pretended like it supports vets. if you haven't put the uniform on and you haven't. >> moderator: congressman cantor. cantor: i think all of us who haven't served are grateful of your service. we want to help. those people who have given the ultimate in terms of over there fight forking our freedom. but i want to correct something again, you're not listening. because we continue to try and address the needs of our veterans. and what happens in washington. often becomes a cut if it's not as much of an increase. we know that. and that's the problem with the spiraling of spending. it's about senting priertdties. can assure you that the veteran and the defense department is a priority. it's constitutional in the prior
Sep 27, 2012 12:00pm EDT
romney doesn't believe in global warming, it hasn't been surprising he hasn't talked about renewable energy. >> i want to conclude with one word which happens to be the word which describes the answer to the question, if you put it to americans what country do you see as greatest threat to the united states and the world today. a country that hasn't been mentioned, china. is there a legitimate debate over china this campaign? romney promise as hard-line on china. >> no. i think that, you know, the rise of china asia-pacific is one of the most important developments that will happen over the coming decades. it is one of reasons why the president wanted to put more emphasis on the asia-pacific understanding that china's rising, india's rising, asia will drive so much of our economic prosperity in the future. the united states always played a stablizing role there. we need to continue to play that role but i think, you know, china is a country where we will, it will be very important for us to have areas of cooperation as this administration has done, whether it has been cooperation on
Sep 25, 2012 12:00pm EDT
will talk about a role of the u.s. in europe in the arabs spring and from nato secretary-general xavier salona live at 3:15. .. >> the first debate between presidential candidates mitt romney and president barack obama is next wednesday october 3rd. the news hour's jim lehrer moderates from the university of denver. watch and engage with c-span including our live debate preview starting at 7:30 pmt eastern followed by the domestic policy debate at 9:00. post-debate reactions and comments, calls, e-mails and tweets. follow our live coverage on c-span, c-span radio and on-line at >>> last week the senate special committee on aging examined the high incidents of faulty claims to medicare for powered wheelchairs. we'll hear from a medicare official who outlines a new pilot program looking to reduce future risks of error and fraud in the program. this is about two hours. >> so i apologize. i think we'll go ahead and get started. thank you for very much for being here and all of you who have come to this hearing. instead of reading my opening statement, i'll start by saying that s
Sep 26, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. it refused to call these groups by the names they had made up to call themselves, and instead said the pro-romney super pacs. the probing rich super pacs. they talked about them that way. in the process increasing accountability of the benefit candidate for the content. and they did it in the questions in the debates, and i thought it was an important journalistic move. it happened in print as well. it was as if the journalistic community somehow agreed, and i know that there is no group that just sits around and degrees of these things. the public really would be deceived if you picked up names such as perris usa and restore our future as if they had some meeting and gave them legitimacy in the process. and that translation which we continue to see when they talk about third parties, i think, is performing an important journalistic function as we at least try to figure out who benefits from the attack. >> do you think that -- is there any legal obligation or ethical obligation of the people that are running that tv stations, running the ads that are receiving the money to run the ads. you know,
Oct 1, 2012 8:30am EDT
a balanced budget to the floor of the house of representatives and talked several years to get that done. i'm pushing very hard and i'm asking mitt romney to call for a mandate from the american people to pass a balanced budget and out of the house and senate but it takes a bully pulpit of the presidency to get this done. it's not going to be accomplished either way with the configuration we had in there today. unitas and constitutional fiscal conservatives to congress to join me, my votes are clear. there are 10 votes out there simply that saved a $17.4 trillion had my colleagues followed that lead. we not only of a balanced budget, but we also have eliminated our national debt. it takes that kind of conviction to tighten things down. my record shows that the continue down that path. thank you. >> moderator: christie vilsack and if you're elected what would you do to reduce our national debt? vilsack: i think it depends on balance. we need targeted cuts. we need targeted spending and we need to ask people to make a million dollars to pay a little bit more. congressman king is talked about
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
a member of the vince previously on child care and early learning, but today we will be talking about the candidates and the party should be discussing. next wednesday night the presidential debate begins. this for in our discussion with the obama and romney campaigns and as we've looked at the party platform, we have seen lots of attention being paid to child care and early learning that we might have expected. both in the presidential and also in the congressional races. given the research that points to the impact of attention to their earliest years of life, and given the of vintages of child care and helping low-income workers, we might have expected, for example, democrats to focus on child care after obama had been criticized for allowing flexibility for states and welfare work requirements. given the gender gap that the republicans face and need to overcome and given that child care is an issue many working mothers have been concerned about for a long time we might have expected detention to be paid by republicans. as i reported in the recent peace and other
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10